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How do Callaghan Concrete Pumps perform in emergency situations?

In the event of an electrical malfunction, the entire pump system can continue to pump in manual mode. Operators can easily switch the entire system from an electric mode to manual in case of emergency.

How do I contact Callaghan Concrete if I have an emergency?

Simply call us on 1300 227 867, 24/7.

Are you available on weekends and after hours for emergency pump services?

Yes. Our experienced pump service technicians are available for pump emergencies 24 hours 7 days a week.

Where are your service centres located?

NSW Head Office: 17 Econo Place, Silverdale, NSW 2752
Phone (02) 4774 1700

VIC: 10 Astro Court, Hallam, VIC 3803
Phone (03) 9708 6974 or (03) 9796 3017

Where are your service centres located?

Our service centres are located in both Victoria and NSW.

How frequently should I service my pump?

Every 3-6 months you should have your pump serviced and every 6 years a major certification is required to comply with Australian standards. Give us a call if you have any questions.

What industries do you offer service solutions to?

All industries are welcome. Contact us today for a quote on 1300 227 867.

Do you supply spare parts?

Yes. Callaghan Concrete Pumps has a dedicated team for all spare part inquiries and we endeavour to keep parts for all our equipment in stock for next day delivery (48 hours for international customers).

What pumps do I need for my job?

The pumping equipment required to service your project will be dependent on a range of factors, ie.

  • The distance concrete needs to be pumped;
  • The mix of concrete that is to be pumped;
  • How far the equipment needs to reach;
  • Where the pump can set up on site – if there is uneven ground, overhead wires or other obstacles, if road closures are required;

Our qualified personnel will review your project’s needs and assess your site’s conditions to determine the most appropriate equipment for the job. 

What is a Line Pump?

A Line Pump comprises of a hopper to receive concrete from a concrete agitator. Pistons push the concrete from the hopper through a combination of pipes or hoses that have been attached to the Line Pump along the ground to where the concrete is being poured. Line Pumps can be mounted on a trailer (for pulling behind a truck), permanently fixed on a truck body or mounted as stationary pumps on legs (used generally in long term applications such as high rise buildings). Both high-pressure and low-pressure versions are available. High-pressure pumps are needed for pumping long distances whilst low-pressure pumps are used in instances like spraying pools or walls or filling core block walls.

What is a Boom Pump?

A Boom Pump is a truck mounted concrete pump with an unfolding boom permanently attached. A permanent pipe runs from the hopper along the length of the boom with a series of swiveling bends allowing the boom/pipe combination to unfold or extend. A boom pump enables concrete to be pumped over obstacles or to great heights or depths. We supply boom pumps ranging from 18-52 meters.

Can concrete pumps be washed out onsite?

Yes. We are able to provide you with the right equipment to do so.

Can you pump concrete into an area with very limited access?

Yes. We can help with choosing the right pump for your needs.

Why Callaghan Concrete Pumps instead of another company?

  • Value for money
  • Quality after sales service
  • Reliable and easy to use equipment

What makes Callaghan Concrete Pumps safe and efficient?

  • X leg design for greater stability
  • Safely interlock on pump and boom circuit
  • Open circuit hydraulics for greater fuel efficiency
  • S/Valve for low maintenance cost

Why Choose Callaghan Concrete Pumps as Your Trusted Pumping Solutions Provider?

We provide engineered solutions for your unique needs
With over 40 years of experience in designing and constructing pumping systems, Callaghan Concrete Systems can formulate and create effective solutions for virtually any pumping problem. Our qualified staff meticulously assess each client’s needs—and while we have a wide range of excellent turnkey products, we also specialise in producing customised pumping solutions that are safe and simple.

We observe the highest standards in product quality and compliance

From components and fittings to complete concrete pump, Callaghan Concrete Pumps ensures that each product meets all safety and quality requirements under WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) legislation.

We offer design assistance for troubleshooting specific problems

Certain pumping problems call for custom-built solutions. Our team of experts can quickly help you design a customized pumping system that is cost-effective, compliant, and truly reliable.

Value for money and easy to operate equipment

Brian Callaghan; having a lot of personal industry knowledge and experience in operating concrete pumps – understands what the customer wants.

What do I do if there are power lines nearby?

Always check with local power authorities for safe working distances. If the required distances cannot be achieved the use of a line pump is recommended.

Do you hire concrete equipment with operators?

No. Callaghan Concrete Pumps do not supply operators with any of our equipment. We hire stationary placing booms and stationary concrete pumps on a dry hire basis.

There is no pump pressure. What should I do?

If you are not getting any pump pressure, contact Callaghan Concrete Pumps on 1300 227 867 to speak to an experienced service representative.

What if I don't know what type of concrete pump best suits my needs?

That’s okay. Callaghan Concrete Pumps will work with you to determine which piece of equipment will best suit your needs.

What if I have never operated a concrete pump before?

We’re here to help. Callaghan Concrete Pumps will offer advice on choosing the right equipment and provide you with basic training. For further information, refer to the operations manual provided.