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What does every construction site need to do? Say goodbye to the time of manual concrete labour, and say hello to increased workplace productivity and effectiveness, all thanks to the concrete pump.

Concrete Pumping in The Construction Industry

Thanks to the invention of the concrete pump, construction worker’s lives have been made a lot easier, and can now benefit in a variety of ways by switching up their concrete pouring methods. Concrete pumping is now considered the most efficient form of pouring concrete, and honestly why wouldn’t it be!? Check out the list we’ve made of the top 4 benefits for using a concrete pump in the construction industry:

Reduce Labour

Anyone involved in the construction business knows what a huge expense labour is. With concrete pumping the whole process of concrete placement is executed by an operator, eliminating the need for an excessive amount of labourers. By investing in a concrete pump, you’ll minimise the cost of labour and become more productive. Sure, straight up the pump will take a chunk out of your budget, but this is only a one off cost? Over time the concrete pump will easily repay its debt, and you’ll save big time.

Increase Concrete Pouring Speed & Accuracy

On any construction site, speed matters. Concrete pumping is one of the fastest measures available for pouring concrete fast and accurate - you can say goodbye to manual labour and the use of wheelbarrows and cranes. Whether you need to pour concrete on top of a high rise building, in a foundation slab or in a insulated concrete form wall, concrete pumps have the ability to pour accurately into almost any area without leaving spills and lumps along the way.

Improve Concrete Strength

It goes without saying how important concrete strength is over time. Did you know that concrete pumps require less water in contrast to other concrete pumping techniques? Less water helps prevent the concrete from shrinking and cracks appearing – this predominantly preserves the concrete’s inherent strength. This is perfect for the long run as stronger concrete structures incur less repair and maintenance costs over time.


At the end of the day convenience is everything right? Using a concrete pumping system is overall more convenient than any other old mix and pour methods! Boom pumps can actually reach over any form of structure to place concrete in the necessary locations where other types of machinery may not be able to reach. A concrete pump doesn’t take up much space and can be easily manoeuvred around any form of construction site. Any jobs that may have been ‘undoable’ before hand, can now easily be completed with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

Pumping will keep your jobs moving! Callaghan Concrete Pumps are renowned for their high quality, and after sales service. View our range of pumps to see what’s best for you.
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