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Concrete pumps for purchase

Concrete Pumps for Purchase

We supply an extensive range of concrete pumps to clients Australia-wide for purchase. We also specialise in designing and manufacturing customised pumping solutions that are built to a client’s specifications and requirements. 

It is our sincere belief that our products are the finest engineered concrete pumps available in the industry, along with the highest safety factors and stringent quality controls built-in.

Our additional products

Mobile Concrete Conveyance Equipment


Need new pumps?

Our range of new concrete pumps includes concrete boom pumps and concrete line pumps, both truck-mounted and stationary.

Concrete Boom Pump Deployment

Second Hand

Are you on a budget?

View our range of second-hand concrete pumps that includes concrete boom pumps and concrete line pumps, both truck-mounted and stationary.

Transporting supplies


Do you need customised equipment?

Our expert team are capable of designing and constructing customised concrete pumps to suit any industry, worksite and situation.

Technology-driven concrete placement

Spare Parts

Are you in need of parts to maintain or improve your pump?

We stock a large range of spare parts to keep your pump on the road and eliminate downtime, including pipe kits, hoses, couplings and gaskets.

What is a line pump?

Line pumps are, generally, a much more compact concrete pump that is primarily used for horizontal pumping. Concrete line pumps are typically mounted to a trailer for easier manoeuvrability. They can also be permanently fixed on a truck body or mounted as a stationary pump on legs – to be used for long-term applications, such as high-rise buildings. 

A line pump comprises a hopper to receive concrete from a concrete agitator. Pistons will push the concrete from the hopper through a combination of pipes or hoses that have been attached to the Line Pump along the ground to where the concrete is being poured. A line pumps long pipe or hose allows its operator to direct concrete with ease and provides incredible versatility in its ability to be extended as long as required. 

Both high-pressure and low-pressure concrete line pumps are available. High-pressure line pumps are typically used for pumping concrete long distances, whilst low-pressure pumps are used in instances like spraying pools or filling core block walls.

What is a boom pump?

A concrete boom pump is a truck-mounted concrete pump with an unfolding boom that is permanently attached to enable concrete to be pumped over obstacles and great heights. Projects such as high-rise buildings, a block of flats or tricky, high-set spots may, otherwise, be a challenge to get concrete to.

A boom pump is designed with a hydraulic arm that stretches up from the base of the vehicle to pump concrete directly to the project area. The concrete pump has a permanent pipe that runs from the hopper along the length of the boom with a series of swivelling bends that allow the boom/pipe combination to unfold and extend.  

We supply concrete boom pumps ranging from 18 to 52 metres. They are ideal for sites that have trickier spots that require concrete from a standing level. This type of pump will take away plenty of time and effort and will ensure that there is less labour involved with the concrete layering process.

Need a concrete pump?

Our team at Callaghan Concrete Pumps are dedicated to our clients. Give us a call today for more information on our concrete pumps.

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