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Common Concrete Pumps Problems & Their Solutions

Concrete pumps are a necessary tool for any construction site. However, they can be problematic if not maintained properly or operated efficiently. In this post, we will touch on some of the common obstacles with concrete pumps and their solutions.

Mixing issues

A poorly mixed batch can result in a slump that either falls too quickly or becomes stagnant, leading to blockages within the pipeline, which is frustrating for everyone.

Inexperienced operators

Having a skilled pump operator on the job can make all the difference in preventing errors that hinder the performance of the concrete pump. An experienced employee understands how to set up jobs properly – if the pump operator is careless with their hose handling, then they can create kinks in the line that will cause a jam. This will lead to blockages, which will waste time during operation for both you and your employees.

Maintenance issues

It is important to take care of your concrete mixers and piping, so you don’t end up with a major headache. Failure to maintain the pipeline can lead to it being blocked by hardened residue or even blockages from missing gaskets. The best way to avoid this problem? Keep them clean!

At Callaghan Concrete Pumps, we also supply an extensive range of concrete pumps that are available to clients Australia-wide for purchase along with the dry hire of stationary placing booms. We are also capable of designing customised pumping solutions that are safe, easy-to-operate and built to your requirements. Contact our team today on 1300 227 867 to discuss how we can help you.

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