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Concrete Pump Servicing and Maintenance

Working parts

A crucial part of concrete pump maintenance is lubrication. Operators should lubricate the boom once a week and undertake a visual inspection of the boom and pipes. Most concrete pumps are equipped with an auto-lube mechanism that automatically greases all moving parts. If the automatic lubrication system fails, operators can manually grease parts with a grease gun.

Concrete pump operators should also check the water level in the wash-box and the oil level daily. Check the general condition of the vehicle, especially the tyres and oil, as industrial use of a concrete pump can cause extreme wear to many sections of the machine.

Find a trusted concrete pump company

We also supply an extensive range of concrete pumps that are available to clients Australia-wide for purchase, along with the dry hire of stationary placing booms. We are also capable of designing customised pumping solutions that are safe, easy-to-operate and built to your requirements. Contact our team today on 1300 227 867 to discuss how we can help you.

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