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Everything you Need to Know About our Concrete Pumps

Concrete pumps have gradually become one of the most significant utilities for a range of commercial and residential projects worldwide. They were initially designed as a means to deliver liquid concrete to hard-to-access sites. However, their tremendous efficiency, high-flow rate and reliability have resulted in them becoming a leading concreting solution across many construction purposes and projects.

When it comes to acquiring concrete pumps – whether you are purchasing or hiring – two major variants are available: line pumps and boom pumps. Typically, boom pumps are for large-scale construction, such as high-rise development infrastructure, and line pumps are for small-scale construction, such as pools and concrete slabs.

Concrete boom pumps

Boom concrete pumps are regarded as one of the most valued machines on any major construction site. They have an immense amount of specialised features that are designed to accurately, efficiently and reliably pump concrete. They are particularly ideal for projects that are located in tricky, high-set areas, as well as major projects such as high-rise buildings and blocks of flats. 

We supply concrete boom pumps ranging from 18 to 52 metres. Even though they are typically truck-mounted, we also have a range of stationary boom pumps available.

Truck mounted boom concrete pumps

Our truck-mounted concrete boom pumps use a simple open circuit hydraulic system that is lightweight and driven by a split shaft PTO (Power Take-Offs). They are available in standard or high-pressure options with HBC radio control and either a Kawasaki or Rexroth hydraulic pump system.

Stationary boom concrete pumps

Stationary concrete boom pumps have several mounting options available, with four distinct types of stationary concrete boom pumps: freestanding, jump form mounted, floor frame-mounted and ballasted frame. Our boom pumps use HBC radio control and are built to use electric power motors. They are self-climbing and can come with or without a counterweight.

Trailer Mounted Concrete Line Pumps

Truck mounted Trailer Mounted Concrete Line Pumps are, generally, a much more compact concrete pump that is primarily used for horizontal pumping. Concrete line pumps are mounted to a trailer for easier manoeuvrability. We have both high-pressure and low-pressure concrete line pumps available. High-pressure line pumps are typically used for pumping concrete long distances, whilst low-pressure pumps are used in instances like core filling and general domestic concreting.

Truck mounted concrete line pumps

A line pump that is truck mounted is compactly designed with a simple circuit hydraulic concrete line system. Our line pumps are available in standard or high-pressure options with either a Kawasaki or Rexroth hydraulic pump system, driven by a split shaft PTO.

Stationary concrete line pumps

Our stationary line pumps are similar to our truck-mounted line pumps, available in standard or high-pressure options. They are driven by either diesel or electric power motors, also similarly compactly designed, they have a simple circuit hydraulic concrete line system.

We also supply an extensive range of concrete pumps that are available to clients Australia-wide for purchase, along with the dry hire of stationary placing booms. We are also capable of designing customised pumping solutions that are safe, easy-to-operate and built to your requirements. Contact our team today on 1300 227 867 to discuss how we can help you.

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