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Have You Considered a Second-Hand Concrete Pumps?

If you’re preparing to replace a worn-out concrete pump or, especially, looking to invest in your first pump of this type, you should definitely think about the option of a good-condition second-hand concrete pump from a reputable dealer such as Callaghan Concrete Pumps. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the key advantages that these pre-owned pumps offer.

Second-Hand Pumps Represent Excellent Value for Money

Purchasing a second-hand concrete pump rather than a new one makes sense for those on a tighter budget, who believe a good-condition pre-owned pump will be more than adequate for their pumping requirements and/or who are less experienced with concrete pumping and seeking to perfect their skills using a less expensive pump before moving on to a brand-new model. That third case takes us on to our next point…

Buying a Second-Hand Concrete Pump Now Allows You to Upgrade Later

When you start out with a second-hand boom pump or second-hand line pump, if you later decide that your operation really calls for a different size, a different set-up or even a different sort altogether, it won’t be as costly to switch as if you’d initially gone with a new pump. Which is a long-winded way of saying: when in doubt, it’s a safe strategy to begin with a second-hand pump.

Using Good-Condition Second-Hand Equipment is Ethically Responsible

When there’s a top-quality pre-owned pump available that will perfectly meet your company’s requirements, it makes no sense to use up additional resources manufacturing, transporting, etc. a new pump. Now, of course, it won’t always be the case that you can find just the right second-hand model, but it is always worth checking. At Callaghan Concrete Pumps, we have a wide range – boom and line, stationary and truck-mounted.

Our Second-Hand Pumps Are the Best Quality Available

Those with any doubts as to the condition of a pre-owned pump having nothing to worry about when it’s sourced from a firm such ours, where it will have been assessed by experts to ensure that it will give the buyer full functionality and a long lifespan if operated and maintained correctly.

Our Second-Hand Concrete Pumps Come with After-Sales Service

Continuing from the previous point, we provide extensive after-sales service on our second-hand boom pumps and second-hand line pumps just as we do with new ones, secure in the knowledge that our pre-owned pumps are the best quality available.

For All of Your Concrete Pumping Requirements

Callaghan Concrete Pumps is Australia’s leading name in concrete pumps. With a head office in Silverdale, NSW and branch in Hallam, Victoria, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest standard of products and support. For enquiries, you can call us on (02) 4774 1700 or (03) 9708 6974 for Vic. One of our team will be happy to answer any questions, and to recommend the right pump – whether new or second-hand for your next construction project.

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