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Our Concrete Pump Services and Spare Parts

As well as supplying new concrete pumps, second-hand concrete pumps and custom-made concrete pumps, Callaghan Concrete Pumps also offers every concrete pump service you could want and carries all of the concrete pumps spares you might require. Let’s take a closer look at each of those things…

Callaghan’s Concrete Pump Services

If the concrete isn’t flowing, an entire construction site can grind to a halt, potentially costing you a large amount in both time and money (wages, fees, power and fuel, possible lateness penalties, etc.). To stop this from happening, Callaghan Concrete Pumps operates a 24/7 emergency phone line – 1300 227 867 – for our customers, to put them in touch with one of our expert technicians who can analyse and solve their concrete pump issues. We can render on-site and off-site assistance at short notice.

So, that’s emergencies covered. As far as general after-sales service, we can perform periodical inspections and testing, scheduled maintenance, repairs and handle the necessary certifications on your concrete pump and/or directly related machinery – all in line with manufacturer guidelines and government regulations (e.g. Australian Standard AS 2550.15:2019). Basically, we can ensure your investment in a concrete pump continues to pay off and cause minimum hassles for years to come by keeping it in top working order. Record-keeping is easier, too, when you’ve got one trusted firm taking care of every aspect of the maintenance lifecycle.

Our concrete pump services at Callaghan Concrete Pumps further include replacements, system upgrades and even workshops. Speaking of replacements…

Callaghan’s Concrete Pump Spare Parts

As noted above, there’s not much worse than unscheduled downtime on your site, so if there’s a fault somewhere with the concrete-pumping system, you need to get it fixed properly ASAP. When trouble strikes, then, consider Callaghan Concrete Pumps your “one-stop-shop” for getting things moving again.

Whatever sort of spares you’re after, chances are we’ve either got it or can get it quickly. Our concrete pump spare parts range features couplings and gaskets, enviro-systems cleanout bags, fabric and steel-reinforced hose, hardened and standard pipe kits, Prime-A-Pac primers and cleaners, and reducers, twin-pipe kits and wears parts.

Of course, if your pump has already given years of valuable service and is beginning to wear out in several areas, it might be time to think about a whole new (or good-condition second-hand) concrete pump – which we can definitely supply.

Your Servicing and Concrete Pump Spares Specialists!

Callaghan Concrete Pumps is Australia’s leading name in concrete pumps. With a head office in Silverdale, NSW and a branch in Hallam, Victoria, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and support to match. For enquiries, you can call us on (02) 4774 1700 [(03) 9708 6974 for Vic]. One of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you find the ideal solution for your concrete-pumping project.

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