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Truck Mounted Line Pumps


Concrete line pump specifications

Engine RPM: 1550 rpm
Maximum output: 80m3/h(Head)/120m3/h(Rod)
Main cylinder: Ø140/Ø80 x 2100mm
Concrete cylinder: Ø230 x 2100mm
Cycling system: Hydraulic with manual overrides
Stroke per minute: 16(High)/23(Low)
Concrete pressure: 130bar(High)/88bar(Low)
Hopper capacity: 0.6m3
S–tube: Ø200 x Ø150
Rexroth hydraulic pump: A11VL0260
Max. Aggregate size: 40mm
Water tank volume: 450L
Horizontal distance: 420M
Vertical distance: 145M
Outrigger: Hydraulic vertical ext.

Working Diagramn
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