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The Many Benefits of Concrete

Since everything we do at Callaghan Concrete Pumps revolves around concrete, we decided to create a blog entry to celebrate this wonder material. So, next time you’re carrying out some concrete pumping on a construction site, whether it’s with a new concrete pump or secondhand concrete pump (or a custom concrete pump), remember that you are part of a global phenomenon stretching back centuries and utilising a truly amazing creation.

Concrete is Our #2 Substance

The only substance humanity uses more than concrete is water. Considering we need water to live, that’s an incredible fact. And, of course, concrete itself contains water, along with aggregates and Portland cement.

Concrete is Our #1 Building Material

Quite simply, concrete is the most popular building material on the planet. This explains why concrete pumping is such an invaluable tool since there are MANY locations where it would otherwise be difficult/problematic to employ concrete via traditional methods of transporting the substance.

Concrete Has Been Used Since Ancient Times

While Portland cement (see above) was patented in 1824, the ancient Romans had their own form of concrete. They may not have possessed concrete pumps, but they still managed to use it all over their empire. Elsewhere in the ancient world, the Mayans also had a type of concrete that they used for buildings.

Concrete is Fire/Water Resistant

While not waterproof, standard concrete is very water resistant. (Note that there are waterproof forms.) This wonder material is also known for its fire resistance. Not only does concrete not burn, when exposed to fire it doesn’t emit dangerous gas or liquid.

Concrete is No Fuss and lasting

Concrete is both low maintenance and long lasting. Once you’ve pumped it to the desired location with your new concrete pump or secondhand concrete pump, there’s little left to do except spread it evenly, finish off the surface and let it dry. Under normal use, concrete should last several decades.

Concrete is Sculptable but Strong

Before it hardens into slabs with a huge compressive strength (which varies depending on the type of concrete mix), concrete is extremely sculptable. That’s why concrete may be utilised to create everything from fountains to benches to works of art, along with walls, floors, and highways.

Concrete is Everywhere!

Our modern society is constructed on concrete. And it’s fair to say that, without concrete pumping, we wouldn’t have all of the skyscrapers, sports stadiums, mighty bridges and other architectural marvels that we do today.

For All of your Concrete Pumping Requirements

Callaghan Concrete Pumps is Australia’s leading name in concrete pumps. With a head office in Silverdale, NSW we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and support to match. For enquiries, you can call us on (02) 4774 1700. One of our team will be happy to answer any questions and recommend the best new concrete pump or secondhand concrete pump (or custom concrete pump) for your next project.

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