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The Pros of Opting for a Second-hand Concrete Pumps

At Callaghan Concrete Pumps, we sell second-hand as well as new concrete pumps. In the second-hand department, we offer concrete boom pumps (see the previous blog entry) and concrete line pumps, both truck-mounted and stationary. For some customers, there are a few very valid reasons to choose a second-hand pump over the brand-new variety. Let’s take a look at each of the pros. The first one should be pretty obvious…

The Lower Price

A concrete pump is a serious piece of equipment that can be extremely lucrative for the owner/operator. However, it also represents a serious financial investment. For this reason, many people prefer to purchase good-condition used concrete pumps, which are obviously considerably cheaper. It might not even be a matter of personal preference, but simply what fits into the budget of your current construction project.

The Availability

There are a wide range of second-hand concrete pumps available these days, especially at a major specialist firm like Callaghan Concrete Pumps. If the make or model you are seeking – perhaps replacing a tried and trusted old favourite – isn’t readily available as a new unit but the dealer has a quality second-hand example in stock and ready to go, then you may choose to buy second-hand for the sheer convenience.

It’s a Great Starting Point

As already mentioned, concrete pumps are a major investment. For this reason, a company purchasing their first concrete pump could feel it is more sensible to opt for a second-hand unit on which to develop their team’s expertise. This is also a less expensive way for those unsure of their future requirements to try out the pump size they believe is most suitable…but which may need upgrading in the long term.

You’ll Still Get After-Sales Service

If you buy your second-hand pump from a reputable firm like Callaghan Concrete Pumps, that is. In this area, we offer on-site servicing and scheduled maintenance, as well as periodic inspections and six-yearly certification. Not to mention hydraulic pump repair, pump-module upgrades, pipeline replacements and even truck replacements. Some dealers might not provide so much with a new concrete pump!

It’s a Responsible Choice

Given the strains on our environment, it makes sense in all areas of life – including the construction industry – to reuse things wherever possible. Why use natural resources to manufacture a concrete pump from scratch if there’s a perfectly functional second-hand one waiting to be put back into action? Additionally, whenever you purchase second-hand, you’re supporting a local business and your local economy.

For the Best in Second-Hand or New Concrete Pumps…

Callaghan Concrete Pumps are Australia’s leading name in concrete pumps. Based in the town of Silverdale, NSW, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services to match. For enquiries, you can call us on (02) 4774 1700. One of our professional staff will be happy to answer any further questions you have, along with helping you find the perfect model to meet your requirements.

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